Enthusiastic Ideas Come To Life.

Spark Global  started with 10 highly motivated individuals that understand the clients goals but more importantly what this opportunity gives them. We aim to continue our growth to have a full cast of amazing individuals that have paved the way expanding here to Savannah GA due to our enthusiastic ideas. We will continue to scout and go throughout every resume to unearth our next vital piece.

Here, We’re A Family.

Every event we Spark we create organizational masters that will teach you every step of the way. We keep a family environment while also keeping on top of buyer experiences. The ignite of our flame creates the best version of yourself turning them into a full package where they now, will oversee recruitment, finance, research, marketing strategy, legal, IT, logistics and become problem solvers with a solution oriented mindset, even have time to provide breathtaking words of encouragement.

We’re All Different. It Makes Us Spark.

Our Sparks create originality through diversity and user-friendliness in our global public. We support all cultures, concentrations, and individualities that allows us to broaden and appeal to all demographics we come in contact with on a daily basis. This help us increase and advance rapidly to support our individual goals, and clients goals as well. Spark is a workplace that everyone can thrive and feel comfortable being uncomfortable and not afraid to step outside the box to write their own story.

State Of The Art Equipment

We Spark new inventory, new clients and interpersonal expertise that keeps track of the demographics retention and expansion to brand new locations which increase our rate of success of the system we’ve put in place, that attract our buyers. We Ignite the flame that sparks our clients cause to promote new merchandise, and need to explode into new markets.

Fast Paced Coaching


Innovative training programs from one-on-one meetings, campaign explicit academies, group building, to video conference calls that open-up travel opportunities. This way we Ignite a Spark in each sector that are relentlessly progressing to raise a higher standard of marketing. Spark inspires creativity, originality and really taking ownership in every facet. We’re regular humans that listen and we believe in equal opportunity for success. We teach and advise each individual to become that Spark that someone needs when nobody else is around to hold them accountable, we push the limits on every person’s unlocked potential. Everyone needs a mentor and we view our staff as personalities. Our goal is to find and promote the next tier of visionaries. These people are always ready for a life-altering voyage of excitement to create their beloved brands. If there was an end, we would still continue building. We feel there’s always room for growth, and always educating ourselves.


Why Choose Sparks


We specialize in pop up events, and face to face marketing events for our clients which allows to grow and expand the opportunity to multiple locations, when meeting our clients needs. Our clients love us because we can bring natural understanding to their products and find the people that gravitate to our products through genuine interaction. We ignite the products and services to meet the demand and influence each, individual with exceptional customer service. We do this through video presentation, business to business, and business to consumer. We create brand awareness, which creates brand exposure, thus creates the result the client needs for their Return on Investment. We want to replicate our system with the right individuals which means more growth and expansion for the client and for us as an organization as well.

Get In Touch

Ignite a spark: info@sparkglobalinc.com