Enthusiastic Ideas Come To Life.

Sparks Global started with ten highly motivated individuals that understood the clients’ goals and, more importantly, the opportunity provided when amazing individuals work together to achieve a goal. We intend to continue our growth here in Savannah, GA, through our enthusiastic ideas.

Here, We’re A Family.

The corporate environment influences company processes, relations, and productivity. We learned that our close-knit and supportive company culture increases our employees’ overall enjoyment and in turn, their productivity. Looking for that spark in your work setting? All the department heads follow our CEO’s open-door policy. We are providing mentorship to every employee for potential obstacles or a quick word of encouragement.

Our Differences Makes Us Spark.

We celebrate diversity. It creates originality in campaign ideas, demographics we reach, and personal growth.

What We Deliver

Our tested system allows us to provide a consistent offering to our clients. Understanding their goals helps us to set attainable objectives and realistic budgets. We personalize each marketing campaign to deliver quantifiable results and increased customer retention.



Spark Global aims to raise to a higher standard in the marketing industry. Innovative professional development allows for the constant improvement of our team. Inspiring creativity and originality, we listen and believe in equal opportunity for success. We teach and advise each individual to push the limits and unlock their potential. Ranging from one-on-one meetings, specific campaign workshops, group conferences, to video conference calls with industry experts across the globe. We find the best information, study it, and apply it to our methods. We feel there’s always room for growth and continuously educating ourselves.


Why Choose Sparks


Our clients love working with us because of the brand awareness they receive. Our campaigns demonstrate a fundamental understanding of their products and services and authentic interaction with their consumer base. The results provided in overall brand awareness and client acquisition guarantee return on investment.

Get In Touch

Ignite a spark: info@sparkglobalinc.com